Elevation Group’s Mike Dillard and Donald Trump share the same what…?

Mike Dillard’s “The Elevation Group” resources are blowing me away.  So far in this “The Elevation Group Review” I’ve talked a little about the man behind the attraction marketing program called magnetic sponsoring – “Mike Dillard” – but now I’m going to touch upon some other celebrities exposed to me through the Elevation Group.

The first thing that blew me away about “The Elevation Group” was the amount of expert advice Mike Dillard was giving away.  The information itself was mind boggling and I knew for sure the insiders giving the advice were experts.  They definitely know their stuff.  But then it hit me when I was doing some additional research on just 1 of the featured speakers – Tom Wheelright.

Now, this guy himself might not excite you too much because he talks about an extremely boring subject – taxes!  Trust me however, when Mike Dillard interviewed him I was blown away.  The concepts are fairly simple but when they’re applied in a certain way – where they take advantage of leverage and specific tax advantages – the results they produce will blow you away.  And Tom Wheelright does and amazing job at explaining the concepts in the elevation group interview.

The interview and the information is covered in about 3 hours of footage and it’s an excellent example of the quality you receive in the elevation group but that’s not what really blew me away.  Here’s why I really got excited.

After learning about these concepts, I decided it was important for me to contact Tom’s office and learn for myself how I could take advantage of their expertise.  If you read my About Me page you’ll know that my full time job is real estate investments and as such I have the ability to take advantage of a lot of tax benefits.  The sad truth however is my current CPA isn’t as savvy as Tom and I quickly learned I was paying way too much money to the IRS.  As such, the Elevation Group interview convinced me I had to make the call.

Once I called the office, I learned quickly it’s not cheap to work with the best.  It’s a whopping $8,000 to consult with Tom’s office but as the saying goes…A Good Accountant Will Never Cost You Any Money and I truly believe that about Tom’s office.  Hopefully in later posts I can write more about my experience but first let me give you the part that excited me most about Tom Wheelright.

From the elevation group interview with him I knew he was a big deal but I had no idea he was this big!  Here’s why the consulting fee alone with his office is $8,000.  Because he’s the same accountant that big honcho real estate investors like Robert Kiyosaki and get this…Donald Trump use!

Can you believe that?

That just blew me away.  Because of the elevation group, I was given insider information on how to work with the same accountant that Donald Trump consults with.  Holy crap! That is huge.  I know for sure now I made the right choice about joining “The Elevation Group”.  Get ready to be blown away…these are the types of insiders you’ll be exposed to through The Elevation Group!

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