Hyperinflation, Wealth Cycles and How You Can Become Wealthy Right Now According to Mike Dillard!

Here at the Elevation Group Review you’ve heard a good bit about inflation and how it’s going to be a major force to deal with in the near future.  One of the main reasons Mike Dillard created the Elevation Group was because of his knowledge about wealth cycles and how to create wealth in a time of inflation, possibly even hyperinflation.

One of the investments he talks about a lot is precious metals.  You may think he’s a little over zealous about hyperinflation and precious metals but you’d be wrong.  Truth is, there’s a pretty famous economist by the name of John Williams from Shadowstats dot com who’s been talking about hyperinflation for over 8 years now.

In a recent interview, Williams revealed how he’s feared hyperinflation for a long time because he knows the US government is bankrupt.  He’s been correct on many of his predictions regarding the economy and wealth cycles and his recent interview is scary to say the least.

Creating wealth like the Elevation Group members do is pretty easy if you understand macroeconomics.  One of the issues Williams mentions is a dollar panic.  To understand this, you have to go back a little in time to 2008 when the banking system almost collapsed.

In most people’s eyes, it did in fact collapse but luckily it stayed afloat because of the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately how they kept it afloat wasn’t the most prudent move but rather the only trick they had up their sleeve.

Bottom line, all they really did is kick the can down the road by printing a crap load of money to circulate through the banking system.  Their theory was simple – we can solve this problem by creating more money and that’s exactly what they did – a ton of it.  More than any time in history which is what makes hyperinflation inevitable per John Williams and the Elevation Group.

Unfortunately massive money printing never helps the economy like they propose.  What it does instead is completely destroy the global confidence in the US dollar.  Why? Simple… if there’s an increased supply of US dollars, the value of it decreases.  This is exactly what’s been happening for several years now which is why precious metals investing has become such an important method for the rich to create wealth.

If you look at its history, gold and silver prices have gone through the roof since 2008 but this is only the beginning of a giant move that’s predicted.  As such, investing in precious metals right now is a brilliant way to become wealthy in the upcoming inflation or possible hyperinflation.

Gold and Silver prices have a direct correlation to the excessive money printing and this is evidence of the wealth cycle many economists are speaking about.

Now, per the Elevation Group, hyperinflation is very possible and savvy EVG members are preparing themselves to take advantage of this new wealth cycle.  Creating wealth during hyperinflation involves more than just investing in precious metals however.  Per the Elevation Group, investing in fixed rate investments like long-term mortgages and cash flow real estate is also an amazing method for creating wealth during inflationary periods.

I personally own cash flow real estate which is how I found out about the Elevation Group in the first place.

I was merely looking for other wealth creation methods and precious metals’ investing was one that kept creeping up as a method the rich are using right now to create wealth. I’m extremely happy I found Mike Dillard and started the Elevation Group Review.  The information he’s revealing is revolutionary.

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