Mike Dillard Exposes the Bank of You Concept!

The Elevation Group reveals the Bank of You concept which is a “common sense” technique but one I guarantee you’ve never been taught.  The theory’s very simple and this The Elevation Group Review is going to pull back the curtain and let you know how it works.

In summary, this concept advises you to start operating your finances like a bank.

How you ask?

Unfortunately banks won’t reveal how they make their money.  In fact, google “Banking” in the US and its plain mumbo jumbo and won’t teach you anything.  But, if you’re really interested in making money like banks, you need to understand how they work and that’s what Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group taught me.  And in this The Elevation Group Review, I’m going to summarize a few concepts as I understand them.

I call it “funny money”.

Simply put, banks constantly shuffle money around.  On paper it always seems they have it all.  Either in the form of Cash or Accounts Receivable – mortgages, car loans, etc! So, on paper if it always seems they have money then it’s possible for them to always be earning interest on that money.  As such, banks are constantly earning interest on money they don’t even have.  The magic of fancy accounting.

But did you know you can do this too?

You see…through Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group Review I learned how to use the same banking concepts to benefit you!

Mike Dillard exposes how to be wealthy

Guaranteed Rates of Return Exposed

For starters, The Elevation Group’s Bank of You concept is achieved through a widely known investment available to “everyone”.  Most people don’t understand it though.  It’s a very special vehicle and The Elevation Group reveals how structured properly it allows you to:


•    Accumulate money on a tax free basis;
•    Grow your money with GUARANTEED rates of returns;
•    Grow your money even when it’s not there – like magic;
•    Earn rates of 10% – 15% safely;
•    Have more than enough money to retire and never worry about running out;
•    And so much more…

Bottom line, The Elevation Group is no Mike Dillard Scam but instead is an amazing combination of insider techniques Dillard has learned.  The Bank of You concept is just one I talk about in this The Elevation Group Review so stay tuned for my next post.

NOTE: This is a Review Site.  Click Here for Mike Dillard’s Official The Elevation Group site!

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