The Elevation Group claims Facebook founder’s Vanishing Act not unpatriotic!

This Elevation Group Review by now has exposed you to several insider techniques the rich use to create wealth. I’m amazed every day as I learn more about how the rich become wealthy and how efficient they are in regards to taking advantage of loopholes the average person doesn’t know exist.

While checking out Mike Dillard’s the Elevation Group I’ve run across several techniques that have been extremely pertinent to what’s going on in today’s economy; but one I wasn’t expecting to encounter just recently took place when I read an article about Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin.

If you’re not familiar with his story, let me quickly recap.  Basically in the wake of Facebook going public, news was released that Saverin, one of the founders of Facebook, renounced his US Citizenship before Facebook went public.  It’s been reported by the Elevation Group staff as well as the general media that Saverin became an instant billionaire the day Facebook went public.

There’s a lot of speculation as to why he gave up his citizenship but the majority believe it’s because he didn’t want to pay taxes on his new-found wealth.  This may or may not be the case but one thing that struck me was a topic covered within the Elevation Group Review.

In one of the Elevation Group videos, Mike Dillard speaks with an attorney named Rob W. and the entire conversation is about diversifying your assets overseas as a strategy to create wealth.  Both the pros and cons of doing so in the pursuit of creating wealth are discussed in detail.

Rob the attorney discusses how he helps many clients set up entities overseas in pursuit of reducing taxes here in the US.  He later mentions this can be achieved much easier if an individual already enjoys dual citizenship.

If you recall in the media coverage about Facebook founder Saverin, you’ll learn he always maintained dual citizenship between the US and Brazil.  As such, it was very easy for him to renounce his US citizenship when the time was right.  Rob mentions exactly this strategy when discussing this subject with Mike Dillard in the Elevation Group.

Please note, none of the strategies on creating wealth discussed in the Elevation Group are ever to be misconstrued as ways to evade taxes but rather to legally and ethically minimize them.  After all, corporations do this every day.

Why else do you think there’s so many corporations formed in states such as Delaware.  It’s not because they like that state…it’s purely a business decision.  If corporations are allowed to do it, so should individuals and I’m on a mission to inform you about what I’m learning through the Elevation Group Review.

Besides tax efficiency, other reasons according to the Elevation Group to diversify your assets overseas are privacy and asset protection.  It’s a well-documented fact that countries in financial distress – just like the US right now – will do whatever they can to grab a hold of as many assets as they can, regardless of if they belong to them or not.  It’s this fact that has many US citizens fearing their retirement money is at risk.

Rumors have been going around for quite some time now that the government will take control of your retirement funds if necessary.  Due to this, many Elevation Group members and savvy investors who understand how to create wealth are anxious of the government’s next move.  This is just another reason to diversify some of your assets overseas.

At first this theory of creating wealth seems a little far-fetched but as time goes on and the economy becomes even more depressed, I’m starting to see the value in exploring this option in my pursuit to become wealthy.  I hope you’ll pay attention to this as well!  Good luck and please stay tuned for further posts right here at “The Elevation Group Review“.

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