The Elevation Group Review – Discover What’s Working Right Now?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know the stock market is down pretty severely from it’s 2007 highs? And if that’s true, then what are the ultra-rich doing for wealth creation today according to the Elevation Group?

The answer may surprise you…Real Estate!

Not just any old real estate investments though.  We’re talking very specialized investments and if you want full details, Texas Real Estate in particular.

Now, you may think this is biased information from Mike Dillard since he’s actually from Texas but that’s untrue.

Truth is, investors from all over the world have been turning to Texas real estate in their pursuit of how to become wealthy.   But why Texas?  Because as you’ll see in a moment, this market is booming and if you’re looking for wealth creation, then you better consider it too!

And here’s the best part.  Not only are the investment returns extremely high in the Texas real estate market but they’re also very hands-off; which is why the creator of the Elevation Group, Mike Dillard is very excited about this wealth creation technique.

In the Elevation Group Review, I reference lesson #12 which specifically talks about the very technique Mike Dillard is currently using to become wealthy.   The returns he’s experiencing are very impressive.  Due to the combination of several different wealth creation techniques discussed in the Elevation Group, Dillard is actually earning close to 40% on this one investment!

This may seem out-of-this-world but it’s not and Mike Dillard is more than happy to cough up the proof of these returns.

Yes, at first it seems unbelievable but as I’ve learned more and more through my the Elevation Group Review, it’s making greater sense to me.   In short, Mike Dillard has figured out ways to leverage his money which allows him to create wealth exponentially faster than the novice investor.

I’ll try and sum up this investment as best as I can because some of the concepts can be difficult to understand without a basic knowledge of the wealth creation techniques discussed in the Elevation Group.

To start, Dillard first makes his investment from borrowed money.  However, please note he does not borrow money from a bank.  Instead he borrows is from himself – a concept known as the bank of you!  Simply put, the bank of you concept is something the ultra rich have been using for a long time in their pursuit of how to be wealthy.

Basically they set up a very specific type of insurance policy which allows them to store money away and then borrow that money from themselves at a later time.  The beauty of this technique however is the fact your money keeps growing as if you never moved it.

For example, imagine putting money into the bank and earning 10% and then being able to take that money out and still keep earning 10% on that money like you never moved it.   That’s how the bank of you concept works.  In this scenario, if you removed the money from the bank but it still earned you 10% is it not feasible for you to make another investment with that money and earn let’s say another 10%?

If you answered yes, then you’re beginning to understand the power of the bank of you concept.  Because when you do this, you increase your returns from 10% to 20%.  Now just imagine if you were able to take that money and put it into an investment that returned you 30%.  Well, in that scenario, your total return would be 40%.   And this is how Mike Dillard is getting these types of returns and his insider contacts teach you in detail how this works through the Elevation Group.

You see…not only is he leveraging his money through the bank of you concept, but through the Elevation Group contacts, he’s teamed up with highly experienced real estate investors specializing in buying distressed real estate in Texas.

These guys focus on finding Texas real estate they can buy for cheap and then fixing the properties up and getting them fully rented as quick as possible.   And the reason they specialize in Texas is because it happens have the lowest unemployment rate currently and is very business friendly which is driving a lot of businesses to move there.

As such, the real estate market there is very strong and creating wealthy by investing there makes perfect sense.   The multi-family real estate market, such as apartment buildings are needed in Texas now more than ever which makes for an excellent investment.

Mike Dillard is simply following the demographic wave and going where all the businesses and people are going.  He’s not a genius necessarily but just a very astute investor who knows where opportunity is and grabs it immediately.  If you too, like me are searching about how to become wealthy then I suggest you follow Mike Dillard as well and for sure check out my “the Elevation Group Review”.

For the Real Scoop However…

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