The Elevation Group Review discusses how to keep the government away from your hard-earned money!

The Elevation Group Review was started so I could discuss various Mike Dillard investing techniques I’m utilizing currently.  By now you may be familiar with some of the concepts Mike Dillard talks about like the bank of you; a technique used commonly by the ultra-rich.  Today however, in the elevation group review, you’re going learn about another technique which I think is just, if not more important.

If you follow this one suggestion, you will finally have the ability to take full control of your financial future.  You may think you already have control of your finances but this is untrue.  Truth is, typical investment vehicles like IRA’s, 401ks, Pensions, Social Security, etc are controlled by someone else.  You may think you have choices with them but through this elevation group review blog entry, you’ll soon learn otherwise.

To begin, in his presentations Mike Dillard does a brilliant job in making you realize you’re at the mercy of the big financial institutions and the government when you invest in traditional IRAs, 401ks, etc.  In fact, rumors are floating around in underground education like the elevation group review that the government plans on stealing your hard-earned money from right under your nose.  They’re looking at your IRA and 401k like a big piggy bank they can dip into whenever they need.

It’s for this reason you must pay attention to this blog entry from the elevation group review.  Mike Dillard is a smart guy.  He’s made a lot of money and the last thing he wants to do is have it stolen by the government.  As such, he’s devoting an entire module on a technique the rich use to keep control of their finances.

It’s quite simple really and you’re about to get some quick details this elevation group review.  The concept Mike Dillard mentions is a simple self-directed IRA.  The keywords here are ‘self-directed’.  This literally means YOU have the choice of directing where your IRA invests rather than some company.

Typically an IRA company will provide you several different choices of stocks or mutual funds to own and that’s about it.  But, with a self-directed IRA, you can choose to invest in a wide array of different investments approved by the government.

These can range from real estate investments, precious metals like gold and silver, mortgages, tax liens, individual companies, partnerships and so on.  Once set up, you now truly have control of your finances through a self-directed IRA.  Yes, as mentioned earlier, the bank of you concept is great, but I feel the self-directed IRA is even more powerful.

I personally have one set up with which I invest in an oil company, real estate and precious metals.  Real estate is my bread and butter as I mentioned earlier in the elevation group review but I also enjoy other investments like gold and silver.

The greatest thing about the self-directed IRA is your ability to quickly invest in the asset of your choosing.  You can have check book control with the IRA so you can invest in any approved asset class as fast as you can write a check.  This gives you true peace of mind because as mentioned earlier in the elevation group review the government is eying up your funds so the further you keep them away from the government’s grasp, the better.

This is exactly why Mike Dillard chose to cover this subject.  I hope you pay attention to it.  It’s paramount for you and your family. Thank you for reading the elevation group review and please come back again as I explore more techniques discussed by Mike Dillard.

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