The Elevation Group Review – I’m Lazy as $hit Now!

Before “THE ELEVATION GROUP” (EVG) I was a bumbling idiot with money! And the story I tell you today is the absolute truth, as incredible as it may seem.

“The Elevation Group Review” you’re about to read will be long… detailed …entertaining …complete … unbiased… and by the time you finish reading you’ll know exactly what you’ll get from The Elevation Group!

It all started when I got some big fat checks from my real estate business.  I finally had CASH!  But how could I grow it?

That’s when I stumbled upon Mike Dillard’s “The Elevation Group”.  I quickly learned Mike Dillard; founder of Magnetic Sponsoring – a multilevel marketing / network marketing phenomenon – was extremely successful.

Mike Dillard was no joke.  His course titled Magnetic Sponsoring – part of the attraction marketing industry – has changed 1,000s of people’s lives.

He amassed millions in cash and despite knowing very little about investing has grown his money by 250%+ over the last few years while you and I lost our shirts!

I had to learn more!  And that’s what “The Elevation Group Review” is about.  My story – the good and bad – of what I discovered by jumping head first in Mike Dillard’s “The Elevation Group”.  I think you’ll be shocked!

The Elevation Group Welcome Page

Mike Dillard Exposes The Elevation Group FREE Lesson!

Please NOTE: “The Elevation Group Review” is purely a review site.  For the Official Elevation Group site, Click Here Now for instant access to a FREE Mike Dillard Video Expose!

The Elevation Group has exposed me to incredible things.  Men have labored for centuries to discover methods of the Ultra-Rich.  Mike Dillard however, has broken it all down into easy-to-understand tutorials and is handing all these insider tricks to us on a silver platter through The Elevation Group.

Imagine the excitement when once inside The Elevation Group you can learn secrets the ultra-wealthy like the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers have been using for centuries to preserve and grow astronomically their wealth!

The Elevation Group concepts truly are the lazy man’s way to riches!

And that’s what excited me about The Elevation Group.  Truth is…I learned sooooo much about how the wealthy think just from Mike Dillard’s FREE Video about Elevation Group.  There’s 1 tip in this FREE Video that’ll blow you away immediately!

Click Here for Mike Dillard’s FREE The Elevation Group Video Expose!

The EVG concepts are surprisingly easy!

  • You don’t need to be a genius;
  • You don’t need to have any special education;
  • You don’t even need cash;
  • Hell…you don’t even have to be a go-getter

All you need is a desire to GROW wildly rich the lazy man’s way.  And that’s what attracted me to The Elevation Group.

I’m lazy as $hit!

Because I know for a FACT the rich get richer not by working harder but SMARTER!  They let their ca$h make them ever more ca$h…PA$$IVELY.  And that’s exactly what Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group teaches you.  Insider techniques to explode your cash savings on steroids!

Eventually…IF you know insider tricks of the rich and famous, your cash starts to snowball into a heap of cash which takes on a life of its own.

One of the techniques I’m taking advantage of through The Elevation Group is making me between 17% and 25% PLUS tax credits and tax free income.  This was extremely cool to learn!

Also…imagine learning techniques through The Elevation Group where you get GUARANTEED savings growth ‘no-matter’ what the stock market does.  Even if the market crashes tomorrow your money grows guaranteed!  Is that cool…Yes or Yes?

And NO…this isn’t the amazing 0.00075% bank CD you’re so excited about…:-) LOL!  We’re talking Guaranteed rates of 3-5% even if the market crashes.  For me…this was huge.

The Elevation Group Review Exposes Bank of You

Guaranteed Rates of Return Exposed

Do you think the stock market will crash again? If you say NO – you are in some deep $hit and Mike Dillard’s FREE The Elevation Group Video is going to expose truths to blow you away.  The info these professional insiders share will scare you to the core.  This FREE Video itself could be enough to save your family’s future and teach you a simple tactic the rich insiders are using RIGHT NOW to insure they take advantage of the major wealth transfer that’s about to occur.

Will you be ready to make some money when the market crashes or will you be left holding the bag?

This review is designed to reveal my opinion about The Elevation Group but the truth is…the FREE Video above itself does even better!

Bottom line…Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group is going to expose you to the world of the ultra-rich you never would have imagined.  I know I didn’t!

The saying ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ has never been truer.  I only wish I’d joined The Elevation Group sooner so I could have started my financial growth sooner.

Truth is Elevation Group isn’t that old right now but it’s the only kind of membership providing black-box investing secrets of the ultra-rich.  I know of no other place you can get access to all these techniques in just one place.

It’s a beautiful thing to wake up…log in and watch Mike Dillard drill a multi-billionaire with questions on how he made his billion$.  The fact Mike Dillard doesn’t know a lot himself makes it even better.  He insures the answers are dummed down (is that how you spell it) so you and I can understand them.

But he doesn’t stop there.

He continues to spill the beans on what resources to use to speed up your discovery.  For example, one of the topics Mike Dillard discusses is the boring concept of taxes and the IRS.

Boring right?  But what if I told you the guy giving you advice is the same tax adviser to a guy you may know —– Donald Trump!  Would you listen then?  Well that’s the type of back-stage access you get through The Elevation Group.

Click Here to visit the official The Elevation Group site and hear Mike Dillard reveal for FREE what it’s all about and learn immediately how to create massive wealth in the next 12 months.

Now…I know you’re thinking I have nothing bad to say about The Elevation Group.  But you’re wrong!

Here’s what I didn’t like about “The Elevation Group”

  • Mike Dillard talks a crap load about Gold and Silver.  So much in fact I roll my eyes when I hear it.
  • Also…I hate the fact I have to wait for new topics Mike Dillard covers.  When I first joined, I thought it would all be there but that wasn’t the case.  Instead, each month Dillard adds new content.  At first this was annoying but I know now why he does this.  It’s because the topics he covers are time-sensitive and sometimes it takes Mike Dillard months to secure interviews with these professionals for The Elevation Group.  I guess I’m just impatient!
  • Another thing that may hurt you depending on where you live.  Most of the contacts Mike provides are in America.  If you live somewhere else…you may have a hard time taking advantage of some resources.

So YES…unfortunately there’s a couple pet peeves I have about The Elevation Group but how about…

The Good Points about “The Elevation Group”

Are they good enough to justify joining?  Let me highlight some of the lessons you’ll learn and you decide for yourself.

  • The Elevation Group Lesson #1: How to Profit from the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History That’s Taking Place Right Now.  In this Video you’ll be introduced to an amazing man who’s got his fingertips on the pulse of Gold and Silver investing and if you listen, you could be unbelievably wealthy within the next 12 to 24 months!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #2: How to Become Your OWN Bank and Retire Rich! Here you’ll be introduced to the “Bank of You” concept which will blow you away.  It’s so easy but NO One…I mean NO One out there is teaching you this!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #3: Everything You Need to Know About Buying & Selling Gold and Silver.  Have you ever wondered where to buy Gold or Silver.  Perhaps what kind to buy?  Stocks?  Physical gold?  Where to keep it?  Who has the best prices?  If Yes…all your Questions will be answered in this Video lesson!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #4: How to Empower Your Children to Create a Billion Dollar Family Legacy.  Here you’ll learn concepts the ultra-wealthy like the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers have known for centuries and how you can take advantage of them too.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #5: How and Why I’m Diversifying My Assets Overseas.  This Video explores the subject of international investing.  Have you ever wondered if the rest of the world’s economy is doing better than America?  If not…let me give you a hint…it is! And wouldn’t you like to know how you can take advantage of it?
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #6:  Uncovering the Dirty Little Secrets of the Credit Score Game to Maximize Your Investment Opportunities.  Your personal credit in America is incredibly important yet 90% of you have no clue how it works and how to improve it.  After this Video you will!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #7: How to Profit from Hyperinflation?  If you don’t know what hyperinflation even is…you’re in deep $hit!  Whether you like it or not, you’re being affected by it right now and it’s only going to get worse!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #8:  How to Prepare for the Worst of Times, So You Only Know the Best of Times.  Occupy Wall Street!  This is just the beginning of the revolt we’re going to see in this country.  You need to be prepared.  It’s happening all over the world and America is not safe.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #9:  How to Protect Profits in Silver…How this All Ends and How to Make 100% + Returns per Year.  If you invest in Silver or Gold and you’re making excellent returns on your investment, when should you sell?  Watch this Video to learn how and when to get out maximizing your profits.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #10:  How to Legally “FREE” Your IRA and Invest the Money Wherever You Choose.  Did you know it’s possible to invest in real estate, precious metals, and business ownerships all through your IRA and let the profits skyrocket All Tax Free?  If not, this Video will blow you away.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #11: How to Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow with a Home Business.  After watching this Video, I implemented the easy-to-follow strategy and made the easiest $898 of my life and still counting.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #12: Three-Part Real Estate Strategy that Can Turn $10,000 into $3.9 Million Dollars.  Again a very simple strategy…very safe and loaded with additional benefits every person interested in saving and growing their money needs to know.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #13: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Stocks.  I’ve dabbled in stocks on and off for quite a few years but immediately after watching this tutorial I implemented the strategy and saw immediate benefits.  This time rather than being down right away, I was positive with my investment in 4 days!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #14: An Introduction to the Best CPA and Wealth Strategist in the US.  Hint…he’s the same guy Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki consult with and his tutorial is eye-opening.  The road map he lays out to create true wealth is mind-boggling because of its simplicity.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #15: Words of Wisdom from the Ultra-Rich.  I really enjoyed this one.  Why?  Because the lesson was provided by an extremely wealthy individual living the life of the rich and famous in Palm Beach Florida and he achieved it ALL with ultra-safe high-yielding investments.  These are the kinds of investments to be making right now.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #16: How to Invest in a World of Peak Energy.  Why the crisis America is facing today REALLY is different this time and what types of investments are most likely to do well this time around.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #17:  The Elevation Group Review – Year 2011. Ok, lesson #17 isn’t really a lesson per se but instead it’s a year in review of everything covered by Mike Dillard in 2011.  I’m sure this doesn’t excite you very much but trust me, you should check it out still because the amount of wealth-building information covered all last year will blow you away!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #18: Tax Ramifications – When it’s time to sell your Gold & Silver. This is a topic that’s been on every EVG member’s mind because we want to make sure we maximize our profits from the run-up we’re expecting in Gold  & Silver and Tom Wheelright – tax adviser to the ultra wealthy – does an amazing job of telling us what to do.  In fact, in this The Elevation Group lesson, we are introduced to the concept of enjoying all our Gold & Silver profits completely tax-free.  Mike Dillard is doing an amazing job at covering all the angles we need to think about.
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #19: Are 100% returns really possible? They are if you know this man! In this Elevation Group Review, we are introduced to Mr. X from Australia (got to keep it secret because he’s very exclusive about he talks to) who is an absolute genius at exploding your wealth.  In fact, if you had invested $10,000 with him 2 years ago, it would now be valued at $240,000 +.  This lesson was provided in the form of a live webinar and The Elevation Group’s Mike Dillard was blown away with the member interest.  In fact, there were serious technical issues the day of the webinar because there was way to many of us members on the line.  The wait was well worth it!
  • The Elevation Group Lesson #20: Mike Dillard’s next lesson is not live yet but once it is, I’ll be here at “The Elevation Group Review” to tell you all about it.

In the meanwhile however you can…

Click Here for Mike Dillard’s OFFICIAL The Elevation Group Site

Ok, so how useful are The Elevation Group lessons you ask?

Well…out of the 16 lessons I’ve viewed on The Elevation Group, I’ve implemented 6 new techniques to grow my wealth so far.

  • I now have a Guaranteed income source no matter what the stock market does!
  • I’ve Guaranteed Inflation won’t ruin my family’s financial future.
  • I’m now part owner of an oil well.  No joke! I’m playing with big boys now.  And trust me…I’m no millionaire…not yet at least! You can do this too.  Imagine loving life every time you see gas prices increase at the pumps.  How cool is that?
  • I now have a new passive income source that earns cash even while I sleep or vacation in Jamaica – my wife and my favorite beach spot.  Hell, it’s earning cash as I’m writing you right now.  Cool huh?
  • I now have access to Donald Trump’s accountant.  You think I might get something out of this relationship for my own real estate business?
  • I now know of techniques to earn 15% guaranteed on my money and get checks every month!
  • I even have a new investment that pays up to 25% and some of the money from this investment is completely tax free.
  • I also have a retirement account open where I personally choose my own investments…make huge returns and keep all the cash completely tax free.

So far, this is all I’ve implemented but I plan to continue with all the other techniques of the ultra-wealthy The Elevation Group exposes.  I’m just scratching the surface.

By now it’s possible you’re thinking I’m exaggerating about The Elevation Group.  Well…don’t take only my word for it.  See what others have to say about The Elevation Group and Mike Dillard:

I have gotten more info from The Elevation Group on how to acquire wealth in the last 6 months than in 20 years of investing, Thanks Mike. – T. Murphy – 4/1/11

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for putting this together. I was never really interested in stocks, bonds, currency because I always found it difficult to understand. Now after these videos with Michael and you I start to understand how it all works and I look forward to this ride together in The Elevation Group. – C. De Vos – 9/29/11

“It is pretty amazing how Mike shares the EVG information so freely instead of just keeping it to himself. There is no way I would have been able to get access to all that info without the Elevation Group.”- YouTube Comment

Click Here to see even more Testimonials and Mike Dillard’s FREE The Elevation Group Video that started it all!

Phew…I’m exhausted from writing The Elevation Group Review but let me be blunt for a minute.

Maybe you’re thinking “Should I check this FREE Video out or not?”

I say you do!

You have nothing to lose.  Yes of course Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group is going to cost you something IF you decide to join.  But you don’t have to!  You’re the boss and the decision to join is yours!

But…at least check out the FREE Mike Dillard Video that Started it All.  It’s FREE and you have nothing to lose and it’s a treat to hear directly from an unbelievably successful network marketing genius and creator of magnetic sponsoring Mike Dillard.

If you like what you see in the Video and decide to join, you’ll have 30 days to make up your mind.  The Elevation Group Guarantees a full refund of your money.  Mike Dillard doesn’t need or want your money and this is no Mike Dillard scam.  He’s just trying to help you and me because we’ve been blinded by society.

I’m not going to take it anymore.  And I suggest you don’t either!

The Elevation Group will blow you away and you won’t stop talking about it.  That even I can guarantee you!  Check out his FREE Video.

If I’m wrong, all you’ve lost is a few minutes of your time.  But what if I’m right in this honest The Elevation Group Review?

Click Here Right Now to hear The Elevation Group’s Mike Dillard tell you exactly what you’ll learn in “The Elevation Group”

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